Further Praise for LET JUSTICE BE DONE and Author Peter DeBlasio

“Byrne’s brilliant attorney, Peter DeBlasio . . . provided what legal fireworks there were, flicking out sharp telling jabs . . . [and] stirr[ing] jurors in his summation.”
– Pete Axthelm, Newsweek (Who Snatched Sam?, Dec. 6, 1976)

“Peter E. DeBlasio, Mr. Byrne’s attorney . . . is rapid-fire and . . . assured in manner. . . . [He] seems to have almost endeared himself to four to six jurors who regularly respond with smiles and laughter to his gibes at prosecution witnesses.”
– Myron A. Farber, The New York Times (Reporter’s Notebook, Nov. 15, 1976)

“Peter DeBlasio had a fascinating career and writes of it in a spritely manner.”
– Judge Jack B. Weinstein
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of NY (1967-2020)
Columbia Law School Faculty (1952-1998)

“A captivating book, capturing the era as none other could. The author’s unrivaled excellence in the courtroom, and his generosity of spirit, shine throughout LET JUSTICE BE DONE.”
– Thomas A. Moore, personal injury plaintiff’s attorney
American College of Trial Lawyers, Fellow
International Academy of Trial Lawyers, Fellow
International Society of Barristers, Member

“Peter DeBlasio’s brilliant summations impressed all who heard them. There is no doubt he was the finest trial attorney I have ever known. LET JUSTICE BE DONE is the work of a true master.”
– Peter C. Kopff, personal injury defense attorney
The Best Lawyers in America (2003-2013)
Chair, NY State Bar Association, Trial Lawyers Section (2012)
Trustee Emeritus, Albany Law School

“DeBlasio’s intellectual honesty is inspiring, and very affecting is his reflection on his professional turning point from defense to plaintiff’s personal injury attorney: ‘I wanted to help people who had seen their life’s ambition taken away.’ In LET JUSTICE BE DONE, he imparts to the law a nobility that transcends national borders.”
– Laura Anna Marini, Esq.
Italian Barrister
Milan, Bergamo, Brescia

“LET JUSTICE BE DONE should be required reading for anyone aspiring to be a trial lawyer. With precision and flair, DeBlasio describes the journey from his earliest days in law school through the white-knuckle intensity of awaiting verdicts in the courtroom. The depth of his jury trial experience is likely unprecedented. DeBlasio was a magnificent artist and maestro in the courtroom.”
– Gene Rossi, Esq.
U.S. Justice Department Attorney & Assistant U.S. Attorney (1989-2016)
Lecturer in Trial Advocacy (1995-2021): Harvard Law School; American University Washington College of Law; George Mason Law School

“In his sparkling memoir LET JUSTICE BE DONE, Peter DeBlasio uses his most memorable cases to demystify the legal process for the potential juror in all of us. In the process, he gives a master class in storytelling, hooking the reader’s attention up front with a few intriguing details, doubling back to present the setting of the events with economy, and jumping forward into the courtroom drama as it happened, showing the reader, no less than the jury, how and why his client deserves their full consideration and empathy.”
– Valerie Block, Author